I told you to leave me many years ago,but your response to me was oh
you're nothing, I can handle you, flat out no. I told you
I would be alright without you I won't die,
but again you got inside my head and told me lie after lie.
When life got tough and I couldn't bear it you were my only friend,
you said you had my back no matter what until the very end.
People often told me that you were no good,but I told them
don't worry you're just an old friend from the hood.
I knew my time was limited and you said
you would get me through this thing called life, but so far
you've done nothing but brought me grief and strife. You told me
you loved me oh yes you did, but the only thing I got from your
love is this 25 year bid. After all the times I've robbed and killed
for you you left me with nothing, not even a shoe.
Get a job is what people said, because with you by my side
I'll either end up in jail or dead. Just remember all of the bad
things you've done to me, I won't because without the love
you gave to me I would still be free.

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