Life sometimes it moves on,
other stance it drops on,
it's difficult to answer
when question surrounds on.
But it's life my buddy,
we have to live on.
So move on ,move on.

It's beautiful as a red rose'
horrible as a dark pit.
It's not always as we want it,
It's not always as we like it.
so learn to accept it,learn
to live it.

It's not about a bright sunrise,
Nor it's about the last dark night.
It's just a lovely present ,
which you have to present yourself
each and every repeated day.

But make your present valuable,
able to motivate a soul like you,
able to tailor someone's future.
And if not even able to do that.
I will just say you that
don't make it a mess.

As it's not that worthless,
it's not that worthless.

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