The cloak of death has engulfed me
to the point of no return,
my eyes are heavy, my breath is shallow
I do not want to die; it is life that I yearn.
Why has God chosen me?
Why did he hire death to collect my soul?
There is so much in life that I want to do,
my life is not yet whole.
My head is full of questions,
I am so confused.
I just want to live
so why is my life so bruised?
I try to stay calm,
to accept my ill fate—
it is just so hard to,
it is not death that I await.
I want to love and I want to laugh,
I need to live life to the fullest,
but how can I if I am dying?
I am sorry, but I am only being honest.
So I will myself to accept my life,
to fall gracefully into Death’s arms
I will let him take me away
into the forest of death—where I will not be harmed.

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    This poem is about life and death.