Do you know what is life?
Have you questioned a teardrop, a smile, a sigh?
Look to the sunset, look to the sky;
Watch the twinkle that a young boy gets in his eyes.
The struggles, the journey, the fights and the tears-
Tell me, are they really something you should fear,
Or should you embrace them and make them your own?
Will you laugh loudly, or utter a groan
At the craziness, happiness, sadness of it all?
Will you stand back up, stay down, or crawl
When you are hit from behind with a sneaky blow?
Will you, dear child, question everything you know?
Why is the sky blue, and what have the rocks seen?
Is the world nice, or are all the people mean?
Life is failure; life is success.
Life is a sob of grief:life is a happy breath.
Stay strong, my friend, and you will learn-
That with every sad event, there is usually a happy turn.

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