By Spock   

Life is such a puzzle
With each of us a piece.
With the loss of every loved one
The puzzles incomplete.

The puzzle of life
Seems to have a will
I lose a friend
There’s a place to fill.

The circle of life
It takes away.
A announcement is made
A baby’s on the way.

The puzzle now full
The circle complete.
But who has the lost pieces
Where do they meet.

Is there a puzzle in Heaven
Or maybe in hell.
Do they have pieces missing
Are we called by the bell.

Does the journey continue
Is Karma at play.
There’s no answer on this earth
Faith comes into play.

Not knowing the answer
how will you prepare.
Give it some thought
Remember, Gods everywhere.

He gave us a heart
For storing loved ones who’ve past.
They’re a piece in a new puzzle
But their memories will last.

Remember the good times
How they helped us to fit in,
To this puzzle called life
Before the next one begins.

Scott Wolbers

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