The girl who cried
for a friend
lonely nights she woke up at 7 am.
hoping for a friend
or someone
to vent to.
she was cool
but had
low self-esteem.
Didn’t have much of a dream, had little green.
She didn’t have a friend, always had to pretend.
Had a mom and a dad, who never cared,
she stayed in her bed
looking sad.
Only 16
Don’t make a scene.
Tears falling down
like melting ice.
It was hard living in a world with no kind of help,
Came home one day
dad abusing her mom
in the kitchen lay a stool.
Picked it up
ran back to the room
he collapsed to the floor.  
Grabbing her mom, and out the door.
Nowhere to go
sitting on the side of the road,
Mother cold.
She knew it was her time to step up to the plate and make sure her mom ate.  
Mom was weak.  Dad had been abusing her for weeks.
Hurting so badly, mom couldn’t even speak.   So she gave her daughter a wink.
For all the crimes he committed,
I hope one day that the man stop living.
In and out of jail.
I just want my mom to get well.
I spoke to him through letters
His first lie was ‘things will get better’.
Three months into 2016
my mom died on March 15.
This was the end of her fight
my mom took her own life.
Something wasn’t right
after all the lonely nights
She had more strength to fight
I can’t believe she won’t be by my side
After all the tears we tried to hide.

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