Life – is it not absolutely fascinating?
We are alive, although billions of atoms are evaporating.
A unique gift for us all to enjoy and to keep,
but what we do with it can sometimes make us weep;
we are so weak at the beginning, dependent on others,
we only develop through our fathers and mothers,
we become sisters and brothers over a lifetime
which is limited on Earth – our time is finite.
So: We can only grow strong together,
there is no other way, we have one common tether:
As human beings, we are all interrelated,
the feature of life is what makes us consecrated.
It connects us with each other, with higher powers,
even with other species, even trees and flowers!
It is time to recognise that everything matters
that we do or we don‘t do – causality‘s fetters.
Let‘s start ourselves, reach out to each other
in a spirit of love, seeing nature as our mother!
Awareness and focus are not easy, we know,
but without a struggle, there is no growth.
Growth towards the whole, the power lies inside,
belief is the key, there is nothing to hide!
Positivity, the law of attraction, reciprocity,
they are our strongest supports, generating generosity,
the most powerful force – it remains love
given to us first from powers above
which we cannot explain, but only perceive;
this greatness is our final relief.

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