From the start,till the end..we all are made of do's and don'ts,
Life teaches us every single moment& we got to follow,
The things you do in midst of madness,the things went all wrong,
U know what u got,u know what's right ,
But still getting all this,takes soo Long..

Everyday discloses hidden faces
Everyday makes u stronger and stiff
Even when the night weeps or howls
the dawn comes along with peace& another "to climb" cliff...

Just a lagging phase,that would pass by too,
Don't let your soul break,stay high and tall
It's OK of you fall,all it matters to
Stand up again and don't just stall.....

Remember, you've got amazing time to come
All u need to invest caliber to your betterment
Accept new things with wide arms open,
& Let your inner self blossom with heavenly enlighting lamp....!!

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