Life flies in the blink of an eye
You can’t seem to get back all the lost time
All these years you wanted to hide
Instead of going outside to fly
Just because you heard rumors and lies
Stating you can’t do this
You’re to fat, skinny, short, tall for that.
One day after the other goes by
All the sudden 5,10,15 years pass by
And no matter how much money you have,
Or how much clothes you have,
You feel absolutely empty inside
Just because you didn’t do what you wanted in time.
You’re getting closer to the day that you die,
You can’t seem to climb the chain of command
You work for a company that doesn’t appreciate you
You’re falling apart and that says a lot about you.
The end has come now and you have just witnessed,
How the life you once had in your palm
has come to a Finish.

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