That is what this life is you see
How can it be how does it work
Don't ask questions just be quiet and listen to the simple mind operate
And flow.
We sit and listen and understand that there is no silence not in this land our ears pick up sounds from deep Faraway lands but are they that far or is it our brains making us think shut up and listen it's telling you things the mind will tell you the way to escape but you must be quiet and peaceful to hear
The louder you talk the less that you hear silence your mind and also the thoughts will take you to places ive learned lets close the box. Once inside this beautiful space is whatever you enjoy whatever you crave you want answers they flow to you fast and conversations are different they start with a dot. I would relate it to dominos game it's white and black and dots a simpler truth not hard to answer questions any man that can will have access. How do you explain something that others can't see you tell them through words but that is a lie cause everyone sees things different from the next little guy. So I can tell you I found out a way close your eyes take a breath and count back from three two one ok you made it through your here in your head its something you never thought you would like now go look around and write down what things you find out when you come back out and feel so alive. This is life your life efil e f I e
File your life correctly and use Every letter they connect to one another leaving one out makes it the opposite of what it's about one f left out of life would be lie and maybe that's true for a seldom few but I will use all the letters so true

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This Poems Story

It is a poem based of meditation and being true to your self and your inner wisdom maybe it won't make sense to everyone but that's ok not everyone gets everything the same time or the same way.