One can never tell what life has in store we all remain stagnant because the opportunities life gives we choose to ignore
I've learned to follow my heart everyone's heart sings a different song
I follow my heart weather in the end it's right or wrong
you meet different types of people on life's Road obstacles are thrown your way we overcome these obstacles if we choose to see another day
there isn't one person in life that is there without any purpose at all
they're either there to teach you a lesson or to be of assistance and prevent your fall
loyalty and trust these days is very rare the handshake that hides the snake is out there so beware
if friendship is what you're searching for keep searching there is opportunities behind every door
if you're in need of Love search for your soulmate
there's someone for everyone it's never too late
some of us find them on our first shot
if you're one of those lucky few don't give up give it all you got
if you had someone and gave them up for another
let them go leave them be just be happy for eachother
you lost what you had when you gave up on them and set them free
refrain from being angry
Dont be bitter when you see them happy with someone new
fact of the matter is they just weren't for you
so many people these days want to have their cake and eat it too
just stuck on the past always nagging about what you put them through
my advice to you is if you knew better you do better
so make your next choice your best choice

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