Don't notice the color of my hair
Don't notice the cut or length
Don't notice the color of my skin
Don't notice my height or weight
Don't notice if I stand straight or bent
Don't notice if I am male or female
Don't assume you know me
Based on what you see at first
Look, Look
Look at me, no not the outward me
Look at me, Look at my eyes, that is where I am
Notice the color and radiance of brilliance
Look inside the eyes, pause to look
Because if you do
You will know underneath it all
I am you
You, underneath it all we are all the same
Muscles, ligaments, tendons, blood vessels, heart,
Kidneys, bladder, feet, hands, we all bleed the same
Stop finding the differences and find the same
Look for the goodness, the peace, the hurt, the fright
Be human and find your humanness
Instead of hate and bitterness
Find me in you and you in me
End the hate, the wars, the violence, the greed
Know that underneath it all, we are all the same

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