Life is a kind of rubic cube
Matching it's colour not been so easy Dude
1.Life is a combination of millions of cells,
Forming our body parts
Consisting our arms, muslcles, skin & mind & our sensitive heart
All of them respond to external as well as internal stimulus
That's why we feel cold, heat ,pain & make reactions which are ridiculous.

Well that's the scientific facts, what would be your response???
Is it something more than its means
Explained wide and long.

2.Is life a drama? , as mentioned in
Shakespeare's seven ages
Or a kind of fictional story or play
Begin with simple notes, end with inspiring messages.

3.Is life a package of world tour ?
Which you luckily got in a draw
Making you eligible for a vision
To this world without any tension or sorrow.
6.For a teenager like me
Chasing the possibilities of life is our goal
Forged in fire to fulfill other's wish
And be there for all ethics and call
7.For a soldier on a line of control
Life is all about protecting millions of lives
And selfless service for his Nation
That's what all he believes
8.For a broken heart
Life is a burden on body asking quick relief
And complete rest of eyes
So to bring oneself in perfect sleep.
9.For me and my surrounding
Life is a kind of celebration
Which we just need to celebrate it
Till our last breathe having rhythm.
10.Some excuses for "why are they born?? "
Some questions"why they are all alone??"
Some want their date of death
Some wish to get rid of their emulsified or extra fat
11.For so many self cause
Why only life should be blamed??
For not having courage to live
Why shouldn't we feel shame.

12.Feel proud on being it's true owner
Unless without it, like any object, you may lay somewhere in a corner
This land, these streets & even all of your friends seems worthless
Untill or unless with life, if we shouldn't be blessed.
#Aaftab In 2017

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