Listen sweet girl life will never have a definition because it comes and it goes it's never the same sometimes it's warm and sometimes it gets cold.

The creation of it is very unique. Yes, for every living soul I see your living of life it's like a very empty glass and that's your shallow hollow soul.

Don't think too deeply I'm not tryna confuse you...I know who you are but who's the real you? I took your thoughts and somehow I drew you out. I got you wrong so I rubbed you out.

I tried again and tried just a third time to pay no attention to me but this is how I write your rhyme. Write your scheme and write your plan of life. You take it how it comes; don't you randomly roll the dice

What you dispute may be a suffocation of the lungs or maybe even the people's mind they say it's like a clock that doesn't stop ticking or a girl who can't read between HER own lines. I might have jumped into the fire without knowing what comes after it

I lived the life of a soldier I learned and then mastered it. I finally came face to face with the world and felt shattered then came my thoughts. Who has once had her? Where did she come from? What does she do? She is me and Me is she.

She wears a mask that unfolds untold stories and this one represents you. You are me and I are you sorry if this is a scramble but this is what I normally do.

I mix my thoughts up with my emotions; they slowly drift away like a tidal wave of the ocean.
Did I get too deep? Did I just let my secret go?

I hope I didn't but I know a few will know. But Do you get what I'm saying?

Is it all making sense this is the story of the little girl living in her past tense. She's tryna escape the world or maybe even reality...

But hey listen little girl life has no definition remember because it comes and it goes... This is life so promise to Forever hold until tomorrow.

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