Dust laden, puckered lids skyward
Wet, heavy lashes gaze earthward
Stinging, blurred rays cruising my vision
A heavy heart burdened with crumbling illusion
A hadean paradise, fluttering wings, a cage
Make clear this dread, this feeling, O'sage

Desperate prayers, an incessant dawn
Unheard yet answered with the rise of sun
Bohemian I'm called , even so a pawn
Conquered by life's battleground, overrun
By the comely knight in young bright morn
Shunning my pleas wrought with mourn.

He stands in peace, a smirk on his face
I slither down the aisle to reach his lace
In surrender and abdication, I sighed defeat
His face unchanged, yet stern and sweet
He severed my limbs and let me live
To cruelly endure the numbing cleave

Handless I jot, Legless I plod, hopeless I live
This deafening illusion, rendering me still.

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