Life is about the enjoyment of things and living
But what are we doing just doing nothing
We need to get up and do something to change the world
Not mourn like a zombie and act like someone died
Living is like a gift to understand and learn
Each day we get up it's a lesson to learn
We don't know when something bad might happen
So each day we have to live like it's no other day
But instead we live in fear and constant stress
So much to do today and everyday that we don't have time
Why is there no time
Why can't we just leave for a short amount and enjoy
Because it's not in our instinct
For once let's not worry but enjoy
Just enjoy the fresh air, the children, and the life we have
Just for once give up everything for the freedom
No worries and no cares as the teenagers say nowadays
Then again the world is now based on our economy
The money, the jobs, and the worries are all we care about
Take care of yourself for once and realize that you need to relax
You have to learn that all this is supposed to be a gift
Life is a gift and you have to experience it
Experience the thrill and motivate yourself
Challenge yourself to the edge
Keep moving like it's the end of your world

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