The first cry
Was it you breathing in the toxicity of the world, or were you simply full of life? You were nothing but a molecule and now you must change the world. You don’t know this know but life is going to be very hard.
She just brought you into the world and has so much love for you. Unfortunately you’ll never understand how much she loves you. Instead you will feel empty and alone.
For it is her fault but to you she is your hero and that means you won’t ever accept that the hardships you endure were caused by her
she is your mother and your mother can never hurt you...That is what society has beat into your mind since the moment you cried and they brought you to her arms.
The expectations are and will always be that you exceed the expectations.
Although that never seems to please her...And if you don’t please her then to the dark hole it is.
The dark hole that is your own conscience where you will feel nothing short of unworthiness.As if exceeding her expectations aren’t enough you must exceed those of society as well.
You will walk the halls of life confronted by evil people who will terrorize the parts of you that are most vulnerable.
Don’t be upset you are only just getting started.
You will have to work to live and live to work.
You will soon find out what it feels like to have your heart ripped entirely out of your chest by the one you love...Then it’ll happen about 75 times again.
You are going to be okay though, because you are loved...Whether or not you ever choose to accept it is your own choice but life is full of choices and right now you need to decide...
will you be brave and cry again to embrace all life has to offer or will you fall into the Earth and let the bad outweigh the Good?

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