One of the many things people will simply never tell you is that life is a car
It is a journey that can destroy you or take you far

On your way, you will have to make stops
Some which you need or can not control, others which you take or want so you get to the top

You will also pass through incredible moments
But of course, sometimes the rain comes following those enjoyments

The rain which when so heavy stops your journey
It hurts you so much that you can even end up on a gurney

Although sometimes the rain is good
It can give you a rainbow at the end and get you out of the hood

But, the weather does not only affect your car or make it damaged
Sometimes people do, yourself or someone else who could not have managed

Cars need fuel to function, move on and pass through a certain stage or place
Sometimes that fuel to move on is love, friendship, and perhaps even a familiar face

Life and a car have such similarities, does it not?
But they also have differences which all of you must have given a thought

But of course, a big difference is the reasons behind their scars
But the biggest is the simple factor that life can never be replaced or given another chance like a car

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