What life did you know my old friend?
What stories can you tell?

Your broken down facade covered with briars and brambles
That once stood majestic on your lawn of rolling hills.

Your shutters once freshly painted
Now hanging by a single hinge.

Your porches once host to summer nights and lemonade
Now lay warped and splintered.

The laughter of children; their whole lives ahead.
The mourning of a woman who lost to war her only love.

How many weddings, births, and deaths did you see?
How many generations passed here?

Only you’ve seen their lives and their struggles
Hidden deep in every weathered pane.

The old barn in the distance that once watched laughter and life.
Now collapsed in disrepair; it’s roof barely holding.

What memories did you take part in?
Do you remember the dances, the pony rides, the plow in the field?

The road cut through the woods long forgotten and no more traveled;
Rutted and overgrown by time.

Young love once walked there as it was the quickest path to a stolen kiss.
And the longest passage for a heart left behind.

The huge oak standing tall with branches that will live no more.
A ghostly frame of the beauty that once towered there.

Remnants of rotted rope and swing hanging from its branches.
A constant reminder that life continues on.

Hauntingly beautiful images mirroring our own mortality
That time moves forward with us and without us.

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