Life is a gamble
Life is a game
This thing as I know it
Shall never be the same
This life that I live

With all the shocks and pain
The darkened forest
Deceit spite dishonesty spite disappointment
With great portions of heartache and shame
All in form depression
The worse to a lost soul hid in the shadows of acid rain
Pouring on my skin as hard as it can
Secrets released into the universe
To the depth of the ends of thus known as god’s creation
As far as heaven hell and beyond
Emotions and true feelings unleashed
In nature I stand absorbing it all
Like a water balloon on a sweltering July day
Filling Filling fuller fuller BooM!
Shall I explode
Explode I did
Tears to god
Prayer Craftivity food taking in consideration
Just slightly of course
Even my great knowledge of hope
When I mistakenly thought our master has failed
Given up on all strength courage power and wisdom
Within myself there was a massive discovery
Nothing could help this hollow log
Chopped down from the woods to cope

The obstacles in life are in god’s plan
When you pass them you get to his man’s land
Staying pure and abiding by his word
Will get you on his good side to heaven
Where wings will sprout from your back
And you’ll coo and swoon like a dove type of bird

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