Live life hard,live it fast
You never know how long it last
A single blink and futures past
Life is a game
Some are short,others long
Play it weak or play it strong
To lose is to die,to win is to fly
A big house a pool but you got to lie
Life is a scam and you know that i am
just spinning this truth
Cause were all chasing youth
And the dreams that we had,for good or for bad
At least they were real, we had hope,we could feel
Every thought so profound,spun tight or unwound
But the bullet moves faster,you can't here the sound
Of your world as it crashes,falls to the ground
Millions of stairs to climb,you cheat and steal to find the time
But the stairs become slide,oh what a ride
Start again, like you never tried
They took from you your soul and pride
The rest of you, they stamp denied
Stand outside their gated world
Die for them with flags unfurled
Yet the way it stands,for all to see
A path as clear as clear can be
Burn the money,set us free!

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