When we loose it is not considered a loss but an opportunity to do
Better. An opportunity we must take in order to pursue happiness
as more than just a perception as he indicated.
If happiness is really a perception then why don't we make it
Reality. In order for it to be reality we must make it an option.
Hopes and dreams are perceptions as well so why do we steer
towards the future instead of living in the present.
As humans we want to conquer the inevitable but without
understanding we will not move forward and will continue to
rehearses our past without any resolution.
The dreams and memories will not fade but continue to play a
movie in our heads.
The people we talk to and the decisions we make will affect how
we perceive ourselves.
It is hard when you do not want to wake up in the morning because
you feel there is nothing to live for. When I open my eyes I want to
cry, I want to roll over and not wake back up.
All I ever wanted was the pain and confusion to stop.
I am loosing at the game of life, I roll the dice and take a step
forward but the next roll is always several steps back.
When the pain becomes unbearable, I think about all the ways I could
die but then GOD always brings the thought of I am here for some
reason or another. Sometimes I think I am here to help, other times
I just destroy. I have to fake my smile other wise people will see
my pain and true despair.

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