Life is full of strange things...!!
We don't know what to or what not to think...!!
Life has its own oceans to sail its ship...!!
Tomorrow is like a ship...full of Pandora's Box...!!
We all are a lone sailor sailing for tomorrow's Pandora's Box...!!
But we don't know the location of the ship full of Pandora's Box...!!
We all are sailing as a lonely sailor... searching for tomorrow...!!
We all are thinking what to think or what not to...!!
But we never think what life thinks for us to do or what not to...!!
We all are a lone sailor of a strange ocean...!!
We are a sailor of Life... having no control on its life...!!

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This Poems Story

This Poem describes our Life & our daily thoughts to live our life with a sailor. Aside it also depicts the magical things of our life with comparison to Pandora's Box.