Life After the Storm

You may have the most perfect life
And see the most beautiful things,
But no one knows what the storm brings.
You can taste the most delicious food
And wear the greatest clothes,
But when will the storm come? No one knows.
Life isn't about what's hot or not,
Whose cool or lame,
Because in the storm's eyes, we are all the same.
Don't take life for granted and down those you know
Because, who knows? After the storm, the sun may glow.
The world may shake, and the sky may fall;
But if we do what is right, there may not be a storm at all.
So there is no perfect life,
And there are always more beautiful things to see.,
Always more delicious food, and great clothes in between.
But none of those things stops the storm
Or make life better after the storm we have yet to have seen.

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