Life After War

"Clang! Goes the blade. The blade of chaos.
Bash! Goes the shield. The shield of faith.
...and splash! Goes their blood. Painting the earth in red.
The moon had whispered to me, at nighttime. The sun had smiled down on me, at daylight.
What more is left of the days grace, when the darkness had taken all over.
A man had once said to me, 'did you know a legend, the one taken from a prophecy?' I had replied, ' what vainglory had thou spoken out of thy mouth, wise one.'
But, he had only looked at me to laugh and said, 'thou doubt for thou knowest not. Beware! For languish shall rule the earth.
Darkness shall come over in place of lightness.
Men hearts shall be filled with anger, for they will bring wrath upon themselves.
For the time shall come again for the taking.'
For then and back again, he had laughed once more.
Then, I know, fury is in the heart of Men.
I wept till I could no more. Fear took me in and made me it's acquaintance.
Ah! How dark are thy, Oh! Darkness.
For I shall be left alone in this, when thou took over."

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