Life and Reality in a Mixture

As I walk by the world and everyone in it.
I feel cold and unexplained dark energy everywhere I go to try and forget it.
Even though I’m a goofy and caring guy.
No matter what, certain times I want to let go and rise up in the sky.
Every day and every way I look at the world differently with these crystal eyes.
If my other spirit left this world, I would feel demolished, depressed and soon… I would die.
People in all different parts of the world and different cultures go through what I go through.
We fight, we survive, we question, we hate, we hide and we try to move.
Move in a way to achieve our goals without backing down.
Prescriptions and doctors are there to help.
But how can you get help from them when you don’t have enough wealth?
I feel like a puzzle, every time I fix or achieve things. Every piece will be found.
And when they’re all found, the puzzle doesn’t just show a picture.
It shows a person’s life and reality in a mixture.
And with that, I always question one thing.
Why am I a part of reality?

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