The food chain, it’s consist of several categories,
A producer and different levels of consumers.
The producer is an ultimate body, a colossus,
Without him the consumers wouldn’t have being in existence.
But rather than depending on him,
They crush themselves to derive joy.

The producer is the only being free from crime,
Because he created all the things he feeds on,
Including the Sun– day, the moon– night,
And all things present on earth,
to emanate his presence.

He also has in abundant,
for any consumer who seeks him for provision,
Rather than seeking him, they prey on themselves;
The Lion crushing a Zebra,
The rich extorting the poor,
The strong mutilating the weak, etc.

There are terrors and horrors amidst the consumers,
some, intimidate their fellow ones,
Creating a suicidal thought in them.
This category of consumers don’t need to crush a bone,
They feed on a dying soul.

On the food chain,
It’s even hard to let go of the weak,
because he might be a pretender,
who hits the strong with a club from behind,
After showing reluctance to devour.
So, higher contenders crush their victims with no mercy.

On the food chain,
Excluding the producer,
They are all offenders,
Who gets crushed by a fortunate contender.

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This Poems Story

The poem tells story about how people are dependent on one another, rather than the creator.