Life As It Knows Itself

It was a puddle of muddy waters, that I stepped into far too often
A cloud that cried down on my bare forearms and sheltered scalp
For I had a dream that I'd get out, the wings could not be clipped
But they were, weighed down with too many stones
Engraved with quotes of all the ones who couldn't escape
Like me
For the muddy waters sank my feet
Tasked with the job of simply breathing
Taking my life as it was, being birthed into the right setting
All still, silent, like a wishbone about to be split on Thanksgiving
For not the willing, then the ones bathed with brave blood
Cremate these memories, freeze them in snow
It came too soon, like an earthquake in Nepal
Where is the rewind button?
Shattered with the past's hands, the future the puppeteer
We try to find the meaning, by robbing its purpose
So what if I don't make it?
I bypassed the wind, fearlessly with forsaken smiles
When courage is met with cowards
It sings like a bellowing bird
Dirtied with the muddy waters, it let the cloud cry, and showered
Like me
Dirtied with worry of what will happen
When the real present that is given is the presence of the present
The here and now

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