Life As We Know It

This moment, this may be all we ever have.
What do I mean by this? many of you may want to ask.
But just take a minute to sit down and really think:
How did we get here? Is there honestly a missing link?
Is there really a purpose for us to grow old and die?
I used to sit in my room and really wonder why
Life as we know it is slowly fleeting away.
We're here this second, but may be gone by the end of the day...
I, unfortunately, had to learn this the hard way.

They told me they loved me, and they'd see me when they got back,
But no! They lied, because the other driver was too sidetracked.
He took out his phone and kept driving on,
Speeding past the red light...and now they are gone.
They were good people, but that wasn't enough
Because they are not here.
I remember scattering their dust into the wind and onto the sea;
They always loved the water, so there is where they will be.
This life that I know should not have to be like this,
I know there is more! It's not just mere myth!
Soon things will get better, injustice cannot persist-
I am sure this life as we know it is not all that there is.

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