Life At War

A bright yellow star and a little red j,
Are the things that now mark us day after day.
No more movies or stores, no more bikes and no plays
Because we are Jews we're now treated like strays.
To think we were all so happy and free,
We could be whatever we wanted to be.
But now we hide from the Nazis in fear,
And hope that our God will be close and near.
With not much water and very little food
I feel I can only sit here and brood.
They all say, "Be brave, have faith and keep hope!"
So I hold back the tears and try not to mope.
A day, two weeks, or maybe a year
When will we enter the world so dear?
And then he truth comes like a smack in the face
When Gestapo break into our small hiding place.
"Hands up!" they shout "Get packed and let's go!"
To fear my own death is all I now know.
We jump in the trucks and they take us away
to a land I don't know so dark and so gray.
Gassed, starved, gunned and much more
This is what happens when we enter the war.
And my God, my God is above, all the best,
Once he brings me back home and puts me to rest.

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