Life Considered

Everyone has their own ideas on life,
but it is never as good as they expect.
Leaves sway, and fall.
They die and a new one replaces them.
No one wants to fall,no one wants to be replaced.

People are continuously pushed around,
they do not do what they want because they are rooted down.
They get nutrients from the roots, they can live,
but they are not living happy.

Happiness comes from within people themselves,
but many of them think they can change one simple thing to be happy.
It does not work that way.
It will never work that way.

Trees have roots and are living,
but what makes them happy is their leaves.
Their leaves are either all grown up or growing again,
and that is a sacred part of them that makes them happy.

If one just sat down and considered everything,
they would know, know how to be happy with who they are inside.

Consider life and you'll live happy...
...Through everything.

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