Life, Dismissed

My feelings are important... sometimes only to me.

To others, they can be no more than an idea in which they choose not to believe.

It becomes lonely; experience on an individual basis.

Hard to express oneself appropriately with other's minimal patience.

My emotions are obvious to me, and I try to communicate them well.

I am cautious in my speech, and use physical indicators to help.

But a futility exists in engaging others for a specific response.

Eye-to-eye becomes ego vs. ego where ones oppositions positions are seen as unconditionally wrong.

I strive for understanding,for myself, and where others are concerned.

Only, every time I open up, my amygdala shutters of being burned.

It's not just with strangers or to those ones whom I am unaccustomed...

(At least some) fear, of all humans, sadly, seems a necessary function.

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