Life Figures

Some people are not able to understand the delicate nature of a fragile human being.
The ones that have been haunted by sadness their whole life.
Then there's the fortune ones.
That have blossomed like a rose in fenced garden, untouched by he outside world.
They won't understand how you found comfort in the sadness.
How you grew accustom to dark and cloudy days.
They wouldn't understand how you would stand alone through a storm.
Without an umbrella.
You were bare and vulnerable
Each time you got struck by lightning, that marked a part of your life that you would never forget.
A traumatic event you could say
It goes on your soul like a tattoo, permit
Don't try and spend your whole life explaining all the battles scars and tattoos to the ones untouched, because no matter how much you try they won't understand.

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