Life gets Real when everybody wants your money

GOD bless the pope he gives us hope,

GOD bless the pope I never thought about hanging my neck on the rope,

Tyson knew he won when he punched a man helplessly to the ropes,

Too many drugs in my neighborhood, I pray to GOD I cope.

Life is real but it gets more real when everybody wants your money,

Show some cash and everybody starts to get funny,

Never knew many of my friends were comedians ain't this funny?

You thought they worship you? they're just hungry dogs, I hope your learning,

From the bottom of my heart, teaching you is honestly what I'm planning,

Look! they're desperate to get into your pockets, that's why they often seem funny,

They're not clowns, they all want the financial crown on them, they want their tummies full of money.

"Gold diggers get in line, my money I'm throwing get in line",

That's what your heart deceived you, all money runs out in due time,

Be careful when in future you're dime-less, and all you can afford is clothing with cheap designs,

Then your alleged friends will show up and you'd wish to reverse time.

They now see you naked, too much debt you can't even afford to fake it, I'm...

You're now speechless and your problems look like Mt Everest, you now regret.

They got you to shut up, now you're a mime. "Damn, can't they just rest?"

All the whores you used to bag now attack,

All whores you used to call, now are in distress,

They want more cash and less sex, they want more flex,

The whores now treat you like a dog because you used to call them bitch,

The whores now desert you because you can't afford to throw a money blizzard anymore,

The whores now refuse to call you dad because it was all a fad.

Money surely creates illusions,

Money surely creates delusions of being king,

Money motivates, Money creates hate,

Money Creates fate, even when we're late to get it,

Money compensates,

but how long will money save?

The system is designed to make us invincible,

The system is designed to make us kneel,

The system is designed to make us slaves,

Money is our master but it doesn't have to be that way

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