Life Given

Birds of birds and grass by grass
No more can life be sad
How can the life be sad amongst life,
That is beautiful?
Beauty in all comes from everywhere
You shall not dramaticize the life of others
You shall not bear against other beauty
You alone are different
But there is no difference in bones
We all have the same structure
Similar and alike we all are
No doubt can we be accepted
But to others, what is their true judgments?
Why should there be a need to doubt?
To doubt natural beauty
To falsify the real that's been handed
To go against the natural form of Mother Nature
She did nothing but bring life to all
There shall not be harm against her
Your life is just as valuable to others
As hers is to you
You cannot deny the life been given to you
She will set you free into a life
Given out into a world to be cared
But this world is not so great as many think
It has limitations and harm
Rejection around every corner
But to strive to do your best
Will get you where you'll need to be
A life lived as happy as you make it

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This Poems Story

I am eighteen and finishing high school. When I was little, I always had a great love for writing and poetry. Whenever I have free time in class I write. Upon middle school graduation, I received a $250 art scholarship. This was only awarded to one boy and one girl, and I was chosen. My hobbies? Well, I love to write, draw, graphic arts, photography, design, play guitar and collect snow globes. My inspiration for writing are my life experiences. I want to share my emotion in hopes to help others through what I love doing, write.