Looking in the mirror and wondering!
Ohh! Did I really turned 20?
Is the college really going to end?
Do I really look like a graduate ?
And the mind got trapped with these silly questions!
I still remember the first day,
Those excited faces and the nervous minds..
Finding their ways, unaware of what to say!
With the passing time,
Everyone got their primes!
Trending on social media
The endless gossips and the countless memories,
Are gonna cherish the lives for centuries!
Hard is the moment of goodbyes,
The pain haunts like that of one's demise!
But the time flies,
With every new day, new hopes rise,
Be it a HI or a GOODBYE,
Accept it with a Smile,
Coz life goes on....
And you are yet to travel miles!

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This Poems Story

This is about the mindset of a student who is in the ending phase of his/her college life.