Life goes on…

Recalling the painful scares makes my heartache so far
I see time as the greatest healer to give me a new skin
My failures is the greatest preacher of my life.
I bow to thee as you created a better me.
Neither thy existence or problems lasts long.
So why lament over them? Look at
the sunrise and walk with a smile.
Listen my friend do remember
never cry for lost opportunity it's painful.
Nor worry for future, that's long way to go.
Feel the beauty of present, it's a beautiful fairytale.
Life is just like the sea where you row a boat.
The waves are never the same some be high other low.
High waves are challenging and fearful.
But when you cross them you reach the island of dreams
So remember if you find yourself cemented in the sea.
Just believe it will end one day.
To sum up in three words, remember,
Your 'Life goes on'.

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