Life, Immortality

Life, Immortality.

While the river breathed fire and the sky showed naught,
I looked around me.
A torch bearing centaur rowed me.
Oh no. Us. There are three of us.
Always have been.
1. /The Poltergeist of the Locked Room/

The soft crackling of the fire in the torch
Reminded me of the lover I had
Quiet like a forest fire
She burnt off the groves of walls that had grown over time
Kindled the hearth that refused to be lighted
I felt zapped
I cried.
Always the stoic one, I always took pride in being able to control my urges.
But slowly and surely,
I let go of my self grudges
It was like my life had been a dream in a fever
And someone had tugged me out of that dystopia
All the convictions of acting nonchalant, long gone
Holding my breath had weighed me down
I wished for her touch like darkness craves the light.
She gulped me as the quaalude she needed.
It was surreal it was.
Colours of blue and everything red and pink.
Became her every night rush
And even when the sky fell, we caught it.
We caught it.

2. /The Wailing Lady of the Desolate Chambers/
“He wondered whether home was a thing that happened to a place after a while, or if it was something that you found, if you simply walked and waited and willed it long enough.” ― Neil Gaiman, American Gods.

Death could have come for me much sooner but
I lacked the constitution for suicide.
You don't get to die until you get it right, the Apparition said
I envied the dead
Love was hard to find
I focused on the myriad stories created for experiences
Experiences I didn't have
Thoughts of oblivion made obvious seeks
But even when temptation called, I never picked up
Cause hang meant a fan and a belt.
Became easier to pass as real in the dark
Items filled that empty room
In the corner,
The strobes fascinated me though
Little pieces of jagged glass lit up
And I realized
Nothing grows in the dark
Crippled with sadness,
I saw it change
And the rock lifted
By an inch
I sputtered
This was new
Grabbed the muddy organ and washed it clean
Its edges still sharp
But demise wasn't an option
Music didn't feel like white noise now
Even blades seemed green and on the ground now
Salts were for illness and not gulped now
Love wasn't a dream, it was a hope now
Okay now,
I'm okay now.

3. /The Knight and the Gray Steed/
"In eternity nothing can grow,
Nothing can become.
Nothing changes.
So death created time to grow the things it could kill."
The hubris of defying the end
Wasn't the cakewalk they imagined it would be
The Apparition and the Woman have never understood me
I just wanted quiet
Away from everything
Shrill and sighing
Routine cracked up the surface of my being
All these demons trying to body jump
My energy had withered like an autumn leaf
Ragged breathing
Lying in hues of white
Watching the clouds move
Across the black stars
Strange moons drifted afar.
Where the Hyades sing of tales
No one toasts to
Flickering and stinging my rage
Uncallous, I ran a little
Stumbled and fell
Winced at the melting of my nerves
But time strengthens your tenacity
For I've tried hell
It's a loop
And the other side of the loop is a loop
So grab onto something precious
For dreaming of dreaming a thought
At the shores and the valleys and streams are what give me peace.
And I sure would swim in this river of fire
For one solar flare and we're consumed along with our desires.
Approaching this end, I realize
Pain hurts,
Love heals,
Desire burns,
Joy waters the wilted,
Spirit can be a free stallion,
On a bleak afternoon.

Plato laid down 3 parts of the soul:
1. Mind
2. Desire
3. Spirit

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