Life in a War

As the gunshots end
and the men fall,
one after another,
an eerie silence envelopes the war zone,
a never seen before peace in the air,
one that could've stopped the war altogether.

As the days go by with no end,
The tears evaporate,
with the last drop of humanity drying up,
the men fight for their pride-
for the soil that gave them everything,
And live.
But only with memories of all the lives they've taken,
of all the families they've broken.

Amidst the scattered bodies,
you hear the faint cries of an orphaned child,
the cries that would chase you for years to come.

The skies turn a crimson red,
hailing the slayers,
the Torch bearers of violence.
The war is won,
But the war within surely isn't.

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