Life in Quarantine


During this world wide pandemic,
it has been more of a struggle,
Trying to put together a broken life,
is like a million piece puzzle,
Hearing about and grieving over the lives lost from this covid-19,
Knowing the best way to avoid it,
is to stay home in quarantine,
Being stuck at home and out of work can make a person lose it,
Only a few choices to make,
just want it to be good when I choose it,
I ask God “what now Lord" because I don’t know what I am to do,
Back to struggling to survive and trying to please everyone too,
I know I can get through these hard times,
just don’t want any pain,
Anymore heartache will be to much and ill never be the same,
I thought I could focus,
with all this free time,
But trying to make ends meet,
has me really on the grind,
Back to hustling,
but doing it from a distance now,
6 ft apart and some places shut down, so really how,
This world is changing, making it harder for us to live,
If it’s a test of my faith and strength, well im not gonna give,
No giving up and I am not going to lose my mind,
I still have a reason to live, so its not my time…

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