Life in the City

I wake up in the morning; the news is all I need
To see who is still alive, or who got shot, or who will still breathe
I wish the politicians would come around to my block
See the pain, poverty, corruption and how we keep our doors locked
Every time I hear someone die I wonder why
Is there no love out there for that innocent child
The politicians they let subway prices increase
I call my senator and he puts me on hold, so my anger I release
I ask my senator to raise minimum wages and he then feeds me a lie
He gets back to me with the excuse why
Rape keeps occurring and the police won't investigate
They'd rather tell the victim excuses to make them wait; I ask them why
My God where can I look for help
If all my politicians are corrupted like hell
Maybe someday good will come
And my city will be beautiful like I envision
Oh president of United States, do you know we exist
Or are we just a statistic?

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