Life Inside

Something inside of me is calling out
Asking me to be what I am not
Fear and denial grab me by the wrist, show me the way
The hollow darkness caresses my empty heart today.
The hollow darkness has me succumb to inner death.
The hollow darkness takes the meaning for every breath.
The hollow darkness eradicates all I call meaning.
I know I have a dark side, it kills me every morning.

It is natural. Why regret? Why resist? Why cry?
The demons in our minds have never uttered a lie.
Everything that I have fought for has been for naught.
I pretend to be better but I know I am not.
I am just a part of the mass vermin called humanity.
Like a vampire trying to stave off the blood voracity.
At last I see the freak my spirit carries on display
I know I have a dark side and perhaps that is okay.

However, I can see this war’s end in the distance.
A diabolical evil plagues my existence.
I accept the sins as my past.
Darkness, this triumph is your last.
Henceforth, this will be my battlefield.
No more using others as a shield.
This is not my true self, I see the future is bright.
I know who I really am and I win tonight.

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