Life is a Masquerade

Life is a Masquerade

Life is a masquerade
So many masks
Smiles to hide the tears
Shame behind the pain
Cosmetics cover the scars
Costumes hide the broken bones
Crowds conceal the loneness
Opulence replaces a deficiency spirit

If it was not for the masquerade
You would see me
Afraid to take the chance
Of exposing the real me

Lord, deliver me from this deep hell
From this dark shadow larking over me
Overwhelmed by pain, eternal aching,
Consuming my every thought

Deception disguises rejection
Arrogant camouflages the reality of fear
Lies multiplied, brings one to recognize
Life is a perpetuated masquerade

By: Bobbie Norris Chambliss

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    This Poems Story

    This poem depict people's lives. We all hide or cover up things in our lives. Things that hurts us, things that are painful and we would like to forget them. We all have situations that has caused us pain and we do not want others to know about them so we wear this mask, to hide and pretend that everything is good.