Life is a Routine

Day after day, life is the same.
Living, just in name.
But are we truly alive, in the real sense of the word?
Or, are we just surviving?
Living day by day like a bird.
Just getting through life with no feeling or emotion.
We just want to OWN. Money's got all our devotion.
But, no, we're not like bird.
And, no, we're not just surviving.
We want to have it all.
We want to be thriving.
We're not content with enough.
We want more...
and more...
and more!
It's like we're under a trance. We work 'till out bodies are sore.
And, yes, I'm saying "we" because I've been sucked up into it too.
I also want to have more.
I don't know why...
I just do.

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