Life is an embers

Nothing is worth when it can't let tame existence.
We were born in order to taste of happiness
On behalf of vertue from which the insurance
of a tense spirit keeps our soul off drowsiness.
Life is just an embers thouroughly in fire.
Holding it in the hands is just risking the burn.
So we must, to avoid that feeling which is dire,
Shake it and pleasure is to do us that good turn.
But in spite of all your inclinations you have
To do your best so that you do not miss a day
To let vertue admit that the way you behave
Can drive a good venture alonside your way.
'Cause it would be quite vile if you ever abuse
Your days through the pleasure which serves them as witness
As tasting of pleasures that fall to you to use
Does not mean you must try to free any fondness
Just so that you can drag your life along pleasure
In being willing to get your existence's measure

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