Life Is Awesome, I Say

Life is awesome, I say, why you may ask
Life works in mysterious ways
It gives people gratitude
It gives people hope
It makes lives be like a rope
It gets hard to unfold the knot that was made
But once it is loose it will make someone's day
Life sometimes goes down a different path
Which may not always cause you a laugh
But things happen for a reason
We must keep that in mind
That things will change in a matter of time
Life is awesome, I say, why you may ask
Live life to your greatest and you will see why
Some dreams come true
That will push you through
In a matter of seconds your life changes
And all you will say is thank you
Some nightmares become reality
And affect your bright spirituality
But remember keep your head high
Battles come and go, but we fight and fight
To be the warriors we are and live to say
Everything is going to be alright
Life is one of the greatest gifts
Life is awesome, I say, why you may ask
Take a look at your life
And I guarantee you will see why.

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