Life is Everything

Life is Everything

Life is like a game,
It is a game where you can win…or lose, badly.
Life is like gambling,
You choose a career and hope it lands you a good life, hopefully, it does.
Life is so sweet, yet so painful to go through,
You can lose a loved one on the way, someone you’ve grown to care for.
You can lose an enemy, someone who you despise.
Life is everything.

Life is so captivating,
It is unforgiving yet beautiful,
You can live happily, with some sad occurrences that might leave you in tears.
Life is like a box of chocolates, they say.
To me, life is more like stuffed animals.
They can be ugly or pretty,
Just like living.
Life is everything.

Life is like time.
Time depends upon life and life depends upon time.
You can be happy and popular in time and life or you can be sad and lonely in time and life.
Time and Life were made for each other.
Only life needs time, and only time needs life,
For time ends life, and life creates time.
So similar, yet so different.
Life is everything.

Life is like space,
So fresh and unknown,
Its secrets revealed only by those who lose in life.
Sometimes people try to figure out how it is after life.
I am a human like any other, created to live a life,
with happiness according to what we were born wanting.
Some people are greedy, wanting only money,
Yet, what is money and why is it worthy of its fame?
Life is everything.

Life is like a bumpy ball,
Trying so hard to be smooth,
I laugh at these attempts, for life was not created to be smooth,
Simply imperfect beings, perfecting what we can.
We were born to experience everything, even the happiest has their problems,
And the saddest have them as well.
We solve them in the end though, or we die not as happy as we would have liked.
Life is everything.

Life is like the ocean,
It is good continually washing away the bad,
And bad continually coming and receding.
I guess that's why life does not last,
for it will either cause mayhem or too much sadness for one to bear.
I will admit that sadness does not last,
But just like the fairytales, good will always win and evil will always come back.
Life is everything.

Life is like death,
It is never known how it will end.
Life leads to death and death is for life itself.
It is an endless cycle that is painful to all.
It is necessary and I guess it is something hated beyond all,
The next best thing would be to have lots of fun.
Just remember that when all light seems to have gone out,
A door will open just for you, just be patient.
Life is everything.

Suicide is so stupid,
So pointless but so enticing to those who lose in the game of life.
Only the most fragile and disgrace of people suicide,
They do not realize the joy in living.
But when you die, you might not have a way back,
So to take your chances with death rather than work you problems out is pathetic.
Life is everything.
Do not throw it out for nothing.

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