Life Is Freedom

I've seen life and what it has to give.
Die no I want to live.
Lord give me the strength to transform.
Don't wanna be like this no more.
All hard. I tend to take things too far.
People remark.
That you only get back what you put out.
But in prison I have found.
It's disappointing to be around. Lost souls.
Stuck on a path their past selves chose. A pain untold.
I see it in their eyes. Sad smiles but I recognize.
The inconceivable hurt that they carry.
Yet they try so hard to bury.
This weight upon all inmate shoulders.
The young must learn to act older.
So much depression. Always regretting. Too late.
Now we learn our lesson.
It keeps me remembering. All the times I took life for granted.
Meaningless things that I demanded. Now I'm stranded.
Stuck in the reality of my consequences.
Some are here longer than I've been living.
With no second chance giving.
This knowledge has me isolated.
Cant stand to see that it could have been me here to face this.
In my head plays all the opportunities I wasted.
Taking my life as a joke I was playing. Had unappreciated freedom.
Here in this hell they lose the meaning.
We all sow. But man they reaping.
A love for life I'm now seeing. Believing.
Because I'm one of the lucky ones to one day be leaving.

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