Life is game of Chess

Life is a game so learn how to play it.
There's no players for keeps so be careful
what you seek. Thinking everyones pawn
but, beware of who you'll meet.
One day king then suddenly beat.
Don't mistake for a second kindness
for weak. The good will only be good for as long as
you sleep. Never knowing all your wrong doing they were
holding for keeps. Looking straight in your eyes with
no remorse while you weap. Like a game of
chess you'll be captured with no relief. You'll
be in a bind, in desperation upon your defeit.
Slowly closing in without a way to retreat. The
only way to overcome an attack is to learn from a
battle you thought you could cheat. Slowly realizing
there was no-one to comfort you at your lowest peak.
You would throw on a disguise for every occasion. Not
one of them the same, at least one for every
celebration. You collected every fisaude to mask any
prersuation. Eventually never revealing the man that
was the maker of his very creation. You won't see a
path that leads back to salvation. You won't have peace
only chaos and frustration. You'r walking blinded every
move is made with hesitation. Your mind full of
confusion and hallucinations. Consumed with an
evil that's pure imitation.

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