Life is not Always

Sometimes a simple poke is all it
Takes to turn and shove as hard as possible.
Or want to shove. And push. And destroy.
One single touch, can set it all off.

Life is always seen as beautiful.
This thriving force that stays strong.
However, life is like a fragile object.
Those small pokes add up,
And soon, we’re cracked like glass.

Once cracked, we can not be mended as well as before.
We will always have those scars. No tape
Could fix this. The only way is to replace it.
But we don’t really want to.

There have been times when the glass
Was completely shattered, and people knew.
They didn’t acknowledge it, didn’t try to help.
The need to be replaced was stronger than before.

For life, like glass, is fragile.
With a living being,
Don’t prod at it. Don’t poke. Because just like glass,
We break.

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